How to Install Windows 11 Moment 3 Update and Access New Features

In order to fix any issues and problems while increasing the technical performance, Windows launched another update for the operating system. This time we’ll be having the Moment 3 Update, another big one that’s filled with enhancements for various programs, including File Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Settings.

For those who don’t know how to have the Moment 3 Update, we’ll tell you the steps you need to take you need to take. See the complete information below!

About The Moment 3 Update

If you probably heard it for the first time, yes, this update is the newest Windows update that has been widely available. As the name tells you, the Moment 3 update is supposed to be the third in the Moments series for Windows 11, also, this update brings many new features and improvements to the OS.

Windows recommended, or likely “forced” the users to update to Windows 11 Moment 3 which was already released on July 3, 2023. Of course, it’s not without reason. Installing the newest Windows update is always recommended as it often brings better features, enhancements, and fixes for the issues found in the previous Windows versions. 

So what is the Windows 11 Moment 3 update all about? What are the new things we can expect from it?

Moment 3 is actually a gigantic update that was supposedly released continuously by Windows. As Windows 11 is still considered new, it’s understandable that users will eventually any bugs and glitches. While sometimes they are negligible, we can’t deny the fact that those serious glitches are pretty stressful.

Fortunately, Windows was trying to fix the technical issues by launching another update. This update will also function to improve some features that are available by default, like File Explorer, Start Menu, and even the inputs for audio, pen, and touch. 

Additionally, the update also has some improvements to the Settings app, File Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. For users who are not familiar with the Moments update on Windows 11, it’s basically a bit different from Windows 10.

As you probably know, the reason why Windows brought this update is because they want users to have a great experience when using their operating system that has fewer problems and great functionality. Back then, it was an optional update. But eventually, Windows put it as a part of an integral update that was launched months later. 

Although it’s recommended to always install the newest Windows update, you can also enhance your device and account protection by having a VPN. Simply pick the reputable VPNs out there, and install them right away. Then, after download and install VPN system now displays your encrypted connection. That way, now you may browse the internet more safely and be further away from the cybersecurity risks. 

What’s Different from The Previous Updates

This update did bring some improvements, especially for the Windows’ basic features that most people use, like Edge, and the other software. This update was actually better than the Windows 11 22H, which was known to be performance-hitting, at least for some devices.

To fix the problems, a follow-up update, which was named Moments 2, brought system tray functionality such as support for drag and drop. Moment 3 is actually not something new. In fact, it was released months ago, in May 2023, to be exact. 

So for those missing the update, you likely already updated to the newer updates, which are also better. As Windows often releases a new update each month, it’s easy to miss an optional update like this. 

How to Get and Install The Windows 11 Moment 3 Update

  • The first thing you have to do is to open Settings
  • Then, simply enter Windows Update
  • Select Check for updates
  • Then, check and download the update
  • After the download and installation processes are done, restart your laptop/device
  • After that, go to Settings > System > About and make sure the build number is correct (22621.1778/ 22H2 or later)
  • And it’s done!

And now as we are already past the release date, we believe that you’ll probably already updated to the latest Windows version. We know that some people would neglect the Windows updates completely as they can negatively impact their device’s performance, which, again, is a point that we highly understand.

Any users are free to use any Windows version depending on their needs and device capability. However, if you do want to get newer features and better performance, we highly recommend updating your OS.

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